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Welcome to OGD Pictures Limited

Tade OgidanTADE OGIDAN...worked with the NTA for almost ten years. While at the NTA, he worked on landmark productions and was a highly talented Writer, Producer and Director. His works won quite a number of awards in television festivals in the 80s. A very notable drama would be THE REIGN OF ABIKU. Most still remember the saga of Omotara and her Abiku playmates from the award-winning drama.

Mr. Ogidan also produced THE NEW VILLAGE HEADMASTER, PLAY OF THE WEEK, TELE THEATRE, etc., for some years.

He left the service of the NTA in 1990 to set up his own company, OGD PICTURES LTD, which has become quite a household name and an industry benchmark for first class productions. OGD is coined from his surname OGIDAN....[more]

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